Available positions

The ideal candidate

Organized, disciplined, punctual
Very good management skills
Very good communication skills
Very good coordination skills of one’s own activity
Experience in the hotel or student services area
Fairness, ethics, professionalism, integrity
Desire for development and improvement

Job description

– manages and manages students housed in homes and their problems / requests
– coordinates the staff employed at the reception of the hostels
– coordinates the personnel in charge of hygiene and cleaning
– manages and records the inventory objects
– reports on employment status
– implements the student accommodation procedures (the realization of the accommodation contracts)
– monitors the consumables needs and realizes the necessary writing

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The ideal candidate

Absolvent al unei facultati de profil economic sau contabil
Experienta minim 5 ani pe un post similar
Cunoasterea limbii engleze la un nivel mediu
Foarte bune cunostinte operare PC (Microsoft Office, Internet, SAGA)
Cunostinte contabilitate in agricultura.

Job description

Daily records all financial transactions and archives the financial-accounting documents in good conditions
Prepares mandatory monthly / quarterly statements for the state budget
Performs financial statements, tax reporting, group reporting
Preparation and preparation of financial statements
Execution of accounting records and closing works – depreciation, expected expenses / revenues, verification of balances of verification balance
Cash flows and forecasts
Be aware of the legal provisions, especially those of the fiscal, accounting and financial field
Preparation of payment states
Very good ability to communicate and relate
Ability to organize time, tasks and work
The ability to focus on performing multiple tasks at the same time
Ability to meet deadlines
Attention to details
Ability to learn new things
Responsibility, fairness and seriousness
Energetic personality, positive thinking, kindness and efficiency;

Opportunities for professional development in the medium and long term in a professional and dynamic environment within the company.
The salary specification is mandatory.

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The ideal candidate

– agronomist engineer;

– practical spirit, good coordinator and communication skills;

– the ability to make decisions;

– available for extended program;

– driver’s license

– PC operating skills;

– general knowledge of last generation agricultural equipment.

Job description


– daily planning, coordination and management of all activities on the farm;

– planning the technologies and materials necessary for the preparation, establishment, maintenance and harvesting of crops;

– planning the execution time of the works;

– coordination, training and supervision of farm staff;

– implementation of the proposed technologies;

– verifies and assists the planned works, the consumption of materials and the stage of the crops in all the vegetation stages;


Negotiable salary (EU level)

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Opportunities for professional development in the medium and long term in a professional and dynamic environment within the company.

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